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Working with files beginning outside Alfred


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I am coming from Launchbar and the main reason I powerpacked Alfred is it uses the spotlight indexing and will not harm the Devonthink Database.

A feature I really miss is in Alfred is throwing a file I am looking at on the desktop or anywhere in the files system, to Alfred by a button combination for example CMD-doubletap.

In alfred I have to search the file again that I already found. This step would be nice to leave out.

like screenshot on desktop, you mark it double tap CMD and you have it in the open Alfred window to manipulate like sent it with mail etc.  

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OK I just found out that Alfred can handle one single external file selection with the hotkey trigger in a workflow.


The feature request is now to handle multiple files aka the whole selection.


You can edit multiple files by selecting multiple files on your desktop and pressing the File Selection hotkey (Cmd + Alt + / by default). Alfred will pop up with "3 files selected" and the list of actions that can be performed on those specific file types.


Alternatively, you can add files one by one using the File Buffer:




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Hi Vero and thanks for helping. You lost me there. 


 File Selection hotkey (Cmd + Alt + / by default)


what is the files selection hotkey? I can not find it in the prefs. Also the the file buffer only works inside Alfred, right?

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