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Connect to Bluetooth device

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Apple has a nice utility to do this with Wifi connections, but there is no utility to do it with bluetooth connections. You can list devices with the blued command, but it doesn't allow you to connect / disconnect.


LightBlue is a python library for OS X to interact with bluetooth connections, but it was written for 10.8 and hasn't been updated in two years. Some people might be able to get it to compile on Yosemite by following the suggestions in this issue. I haven't tried to install it on Yosemite.


As I mentioned in the previous post, you can do this with UI scripting, but UI scripting is awful and not necessarily reliable. But, from everything that I've read, it's the only way to get it done. Look, again, at my previous post for a link with a sample script that will do the UI scripting for you. But there is no elegant way to accomplish this with a script filter that would check the individual devices on your computer.

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Would love to know if there's any update on the potential to create a 'connect/disconnect' script for Bluetooth devices.


I've looked fairly extensively, and I know of no tools that let us interface with the bluetooth controllers at this level.


If someone has a good grasp of C and can parse through the lower-level bluetooth libraries, then they might be able to write a compiled tool that could do such a thing. Getting it to work across multiple versions of iOS and distribution would be a pain. The skill set is not one that I possess.


I wouldn't hold out much hope.

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