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This simple, little workflow calculates the longer and shorter side of the golden ratio for any given number.

Very handy for designers. ;)







Use the keyword 'gr' followed by an integer to get the corresponding shorter and longer side of the golden ratio which then can be selected and copied to the clipboard pressing 'Enter'.


This is my first Alfred2 workflow ever – if you have any questions or feedback, please let me know!

Pull requests are welcome. :)





  • adds gr+ and gr- to return the corresponding shorter or longer side in a golden ratio for the given value


  • Removed title line because it's not adding any value (thanks Florian!)
  • Cleanup


  • First Release
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Hi there, 

That's a cool workflow, I actually like it better than Tyler's because you give both shorter and bigger side of the ratio. But I think it's bad practice to add the line that says 'golden ratio of xxxx'. If you want to add this information, do it in the subtitles maybe.

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This is a nice little utility.  Could I suggest an enhancement?  


Use "gr+" to calculate the values in increasing values.


Use "gr-" to calculate the values in decreasing values.


As a designer, I need to use both from time to time.  The "+" value is simply multiplied by 1.618, while decreasing is .618.  I'm not a coder, so I'm not sure how to make it work, but it seems fairly straight forward.


Anyway... thanks for creating and sharing your work!

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I thing the suggestion here is to allow for the user to type in the length of the short edge, and then have your workflow return the corresponding long edge. And the other way around, type in the long edge, and have your workflow return the corresponding short edge.


Makes sense?

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