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Is there a Box.com client for Alfred?

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Hi all - 


I've tried searching, but since box is a 3-letter word and the forum wants 4-letter or more searches, it's hard to know if I'm missing it or if there really is no client.


What I'm looking for (and unfortunately not smart enough to program myself) is a Box client like the Dropbox client that I did find via search.  The use case I'd find quite valuable is finding a file stored in Box and then copying the sharing link to the clipboard for easy sharing.  If anyone knows this exists, I'd be extremely appreciative for a pointer to the right workflow.


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Well, it looks like I sold myself short.  I was able to create a poor man's hack of a Box client.  Improvements welcomed, but in the meantime, it works.


From the brief readme I created:

Purpose:  Search your Box.com sync’d folders for files, and when selected copy the link of that file to the clipboard for easy sharing.  


For the app to work, the files must be stored on your machine and you must be running the Mac Box client.


Usage: On first use, click the “File Filter” box and set the search scope to only search your Box.com sync’d folder.


The way the app works is to simulate mouse clicks that bring up the context menu in Finder and manually select the Box menu and the items underneath that menu that copy the sharing links to the clipboard.


If it isn’t working for you, review your own context menu when you right click inside Finder and make sure that the Box menu is appearing.


You can download it here

Edited by myrison
Updated Box link to dropbox link as explained a few posts down.

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