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[Request] Workflow to activate safari extensions/plugins?

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Just trying to set a keyboard shortcut for some installed plugins I have...anyway to do this?


How are the plugins activated currently? It could potentially be done with some UI scripting but we'd need to know how you currently interact with them to determine if it were possible

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This is just for a password manager (Dashlane) Safari extension that I have sitting in my toolbar.  Since upgrading to power pack a few months ago, I am obsessed with not using the trackpad.  However, Dashlane is making that difficult so I keep trying to figure out work arounds to the lack of 3rd party accessibility for this app.  I would leave Dashlane behind in an instant for 1P, but they gave me a free lifetime membership, so I can't really justify that.  Instead, I just spend countless hours trying to make this app work for me!


So I would just like to activate this extension that does not currently have a keyboard shortcut.  I attempted to create an automator service that "Watched Me Do" the click sequence for activating the extension, but that didn't seem to work.

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