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Problem: Script Filter sometimes freezes while processing output

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I have a Script Filter that populates xml results with my pre-defined items, and after selecting one of them, it creates new Mail.app Message (using NSAppleScript) with pre defined text, & subject text (that comes as an argument from Script Filter). 


The problem is that sometimes my Workflow stops working right after I choose one of ScriptFilter's results. It doesn't continue to (NSAppleScript) Action.

Debug shows no errors, and the last logged text line is this:

[INFO: alfred.workflow.input.scriptfilter] Processing output 'alfred.workflow.action.applescript' with arg 'First test title'

Does anybody have experienced similar problem in the past?


Thanks in advance,


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Does it actually not continue or does the NSAppleScript action somehow not work? You can test this by doing some sort of log function in the second action (i.e. write to a file, write to STDERR, etc...). If it always gets there but works intermittently, then the problem is with that action.


Otherwise, there might be a problem where it's choking on the text in the argument. You might consider finding ways to escape everything.


I generally stay away from the NSAppleScript actions in favor of osascript. If the above doesn't work, then try switching to osascript.

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