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Save Youtube Video URL at current time

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I'm getting started in creating Workflows. What I basically want to do is somehow get the URL of a Youtube Link at a specific time. In youtube you can do that by rightclicking on the video and "Get Video URL at current time".


Does anybody have a nice solution for the Youtube URL?


For all those interested why I actually wanna do this:

I listen to a lot of podcasts, and I often find myself liking a particular song. So what I wanna do is create a workflow, which saves the time of the current Youtube Podcasts into Evernote with the name of that podcast.


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You can get the URL of the active browser tab easily enough with AppleScript, but you'll almost certainly have to append the time manually.


There is no way you can access the contents of a browser tab from Alfred (or anywhere else). Browsers just aren't built that way.


The only way to get at the contents of a browser tab is from code that runs in the browser, i.e. a browser extension or userscript. Even then, I'd be surprised if you can get at the video progress because that's likely hidden away inside a plugin (e.g. Flash Player), which you can't interrogate so easily.

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Haha! I stand corrected. Good find.


Regarding uploading other users' workflows: If you just add a feature to someone's workflow, the usual (and best) thing to do is the ask the author to add your additions to the original workflow. That way, everyone benefits.


If that's not possible or reasonable, the licensing terms of the original workflow apply. If there are no licensing terms (as in this case), you should probably ask DangerPhil.


Again, if that's not possible, most authors generally don't mind you sharing an altered version of their workflows as long as you make clear which is their work and which is yours: You probably wouldn't like someone claiming credit for all your hard work, and you would probably equally dislike receiving complaints/support requests for something you didn't write…

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