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AlfredBullet: Send links or text to your devices via PushBullet

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I didn't really like any of the existing Pushbullet workflows, so I made my own. Say hello to AlfredBullet:




Pushbullet is an app and service that lets you send links, text and other content between your devices (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, etc).


The workflow is available for download on GitHub and (experimentally) Packal:



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Forgive me if this is a newbie question, but, well...I'm a newbie with Alfred Workflows, so guess the title fits.


I've downloaded the workflow, but keep getting the message "API token not set" when trying to enter pushable text.




Using trial an error, I've pasted my API into just about every position possible, but am getting nowhere.


Please spell this out, step by step, for me? Thanks!

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You have gone to:



and copied your api token? Then typed "set-push-token PASTEYOURTOKEN" in Alfred? Replace "PASTEYOURTOKEN" with your actual token.


Ahhh--that was the problem. I didn't realize the API token was supposed to go into the Alfred search window---thought it was supposed to be pasted into the set-push-token button that appears in the Workflows > AlfredBullet screen.


Thank you!

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After recent update of alfred workflow/push bullet app I am not able to use this workflow. Its getting stuck at "push to your devices" screen. The devices aren't getting listed and hence not able to push to them. I am able to push from pushbullet.com though.

I tried versions released on Apr 9, Apr 6 but still its not working. Please help me.

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Oops I m such an idiot. I was using the extension in wrong way. After typing push, I am pressing enter and was waiting for devices to appear. Instead I should just start typing the text which will then make devices to appear! Sorry for the confusion.

Btw why are people not appearing in this list ?

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Thanks for the great workflow. It'll be even more useful if you could filter while typing. So if I have these devices

- mac

- chrome

- iphone


I could type "push iphone bla bla" and have that sent to the iphone, instead of having to select iphone with the arrows. 



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Nice workflow, thanks! One question: could the prepended text "Pushed from Alfred:" (I find this superfluous and a little bit annoying) be easily removed? 

Edited by cands

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