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Search Field for URLs / History

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I may be a-typical but I have basically stopped using my browsers' bookmarks functions altogether and reply on Alfred to remember anything I have used in the past year via "URLs / History".


I much prefer this to managing bookmarks. It auto adds any URL I type into Alfred and will auto-delete any crud I no longer need. For stuff that goes missing, I have Google ;-)


But here's the problem - sometimes I add something that I don't want in the history and it keeps cropping up in the search results. So, I would like to go in an manually delete it and there's the issue. The "URLs / History" field has neither a sort nor a search function, so finding the URLs in there that I want to delete can be a bit of a chore, to say the least.


Hence, my feature suggestion - a sort by domain header at the top and a search field like in the adjacent "Search" tab.



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Andrew - that's great! Thanks! I've already used it several times.


I honestly think there's very little need for traditional bookmarks with this enabled.


Also, the Alfred Updates... tab in the Alfred window was cool - liked it.



I'm not going to push my luck and ask for the below now, but one further addition to the URLs/History would make it stellar.


Imagine if there was a 3rd editable column named "Title" that, by default, took the value of the web page <title> tag.


For example: http://www.alfredforum.com  |  Alfred App Community Forum  |  Jan 31, 2013. 16:26:48


And that could be edited with a double click.


If the title field content then appeared after: "Open the URL from history", so "Open the URL/Page from history: Alfred App Community Forum"


No bookmarks ever again! Easy reference for URLs in history that all point to the same site but different pages!


Would love to see this, but I'm very happy with things as they are now too.


Thanks again, Pat


PS - Title being searchable obviously, so "Alf App Com" would get me to the land of plenty.

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