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Send File as attachment (Windows friendly)

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I recently use a lot the function to send an image via mail.




I've set up mail app to disable inline attachment like this:

defaults write com.apple.mail DisableInlineAttachmentViewing -bool yes

Mail preview seems right:




But this is what I receive in outlook on windows: Just a shitty Icon-like Preview:





The thing ist, when I add the image directly in mail via "add attachment" button. It works fine and I receive the image in outlook as a real attachment.


How can I tell Alfred to do exactly the same as when I would make it in mail-app? 


Thanks for your help!






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Can you try this defaults?:

defaults write com.apple.mail DisableInlineAttachmentViewing 1

And see if that makes a difference?


I can't personally test this as I don't have a PC to test with a Mail client that is not Mail.app

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