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Improve iTunes Support

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Hi, I'd like to suggest a few points that could be improved up on the iTunes-support:


As I often find myself having iTunes hidden on some other space, I still like to peek at currently playing tracks e.g. in order to add ratings and so on. This works fine already, but I'm still missing a few points:


  1. A progress-bar with playing times for the currently playing track.
  2. Instead of the default suggestions, which I rarely use, a list of upcoming tracks might provide additional value
  3. As I often encounter tracks with wrong metadata, I try to correct them along the way. Currently this needs a roundtrip to iTunes, which breaks the workflow. I suggest a quick shortcut like an "info"-keyword or a small button which takes me directly to the Get Info-Dialog of the current track.
  4. Sometimes the shown album artwork seems to be randomly chosen, may be this could also be fixed.

Thanks for listening.


Cheers, Oliver.

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