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I've tried this very new Alfred remote thing. It makes me excited. But I currently found that I could only connect via "direct"


I've done the suggested steps, checking the network, no firewall running, restarting both devices.


I am able to connect using "direct", but my IP addresses are not static (an office Wi-Fi network). I do observe that the "Router" address of my MAC and my phone are not the same.


Here are my answers to the troubleshooting questions.


1. Same Network?



IPv4 :

Subnet Mask :

Router :





Subnet Mask :

Router :  (different here!)


2. Network Type?



3. Restart?

Yes, both.


4. Can you IOS see your MAC?

No, keep saying "finding Alfred"


5. Anything blocking network?

No, firewall not on, nothing else I installed myself does that.








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I very much suspect that being on different routers, the DNS multicast which bonjour uses isn't being forwarded between the different VLANs... this would allow the university to prevent the network from being clogged. There may not be anything you can do about this aside from using bluetooth to connect (which is much slower than WiFi).






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