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Request: Amphetamine workflow

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Hi there,


amphetamine is quite nice and replaces caffeine for myself. One thing I'm lacking is a possibility to use it with Alfred. Someone mind to write a workflow for that? I don't know how to (havent learned to code).




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You can't really write a workflow for Amphetamine because it isn't scriptable.


The best you could do would probably to be to set Amphetamine to activate on launch and to create a workflow that starts/kills the application.

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I've never seen Amphetamine before (mostly because I never looked because caffeinate works well enough for me not to install extra things). But, if you don't use the fancy scheduling features of Amphetamine but just manually invoke it and the like, then you can just use the workflow that @homever referenced (I wrote it and use it daily, so I'm, perhaps, biased). You can set some config options about hds sleeping and whatnot.

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