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Google Play Music Controls for Chrome

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This is a simple workflow for controlling Google Play Music playback/search in ChromeIt is updated for the version of the web-based music player that was released ~May 2015.


The workflow uses the following keywords to control playback in an open Google Play tab:

  • 'gpp': Play/Pause
  • 'gp prev': Previous Song
  • 'gp next': Next Song
  • 'gp search <search term>': Search Music for <search term>


Github Repo: http://bit.ly/1ILnjFZ

Download: http://bit.ly/1cOMM3y




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Just wondering though if it would be possible to make the search initiate in the currently open Play Music tab? At the moment it opens a new tab after a search meaning I have a new tab for any search so I have to close older tabs if I want to play the music I have searched for so it doesn't play over the top of the older tab.

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For anyone wanting an updated package, I modified this workflow to work as of 2/23/2016.


GitHub: https://github.com/adamdehaven/google-play-music-controls


Direct Download: https://github.com/adamdehaven/google-play-music-controls/archive/master.zip


Note: You will most likely need to set the hotkeys for the "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" actions yourself after installing the workflow.

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Just a heads up - if you're still using this workflow (as I am), you would have found that with Chrome & Apple updates the workflow is no longer working. In my case, this was due to Chrome stopping Apple JS Events. To fix, inside Chrome go to the menu


-> View -> Developer -> Allow Javascript from Apple Events


and select to Enable/Disable. Works like a charm again on Enable.

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