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Picat Workflow

This workflow is for programing using the [Picat](http://picat-lang.org/) language. The following commands are available:

This will download and install Picat in to the ~/Documents directory. It then sets up the variables to use in all the other commands.

This shows the directory of the install Picat program to the user.

This sets the Picat script to execute in the other commands.

This opens the Picat script in to the code editor that is setup with pic:seteditor.

This allows for setting the code editor to use to edit Picate scripts.

This runs the currently selected Picat script.

This opens the Picat User Manual.

This opens the Picat Tutorial.

This opens the Picat Getting Started Manual.

There are also three File commands to use in the Alfred Browser:

Edit Picat File
Allows you to edit the selected Picat file in the Alfred Browser using the editor setup in the pic:seteditor.

Run Picat File
This runs the current Picat file in the Alfred Browser.

Run Files through Picat Program
This will pipe the current file to the currently setup Picat script.

Packal:            http://www.packal.org/workflow/picat-workflow

My Website:    http://customct.com/

My GitHub:     https://github.com/raguay/MyAlfred

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