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Single character query doesn't invoke Script Filter; leaves Python process hangin


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I use a workflow to search Omnifocus data direct from Alfred. This is a Python script using deanishe's alfred-workflow. This works well but I've spotted an odd edge case:


* invoke the workflow and pass it a single character query (e.g. .s e)

* nothing happens other than alfred creating a python process which is left stale

* no output shown in alfred workflow debugger

* providing a longer query does work


Is this a known issue or expected behaviour?




Alfred version & build number: v2.7.1 (387)


OS X version: 10.9.4

Reproducible: Yes, here's a video demonstrating the problem.


Script Filter settings






Steps to reproduce


Assumption: you have Omnifocus installed.

  1. Install v1.1.2 of the workflow
  2. Invoke the workflow '.s' with query 'e'


  • Alfred debugger will show no output
  • Stale python process shown when running ps aux | grep python
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