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search for a folders that contain a file and open

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Im trying to update a workflow I made that will open the folder that contains a file = '.famous'


is there a way to o this?


thanks in advance!


If .famous is a file type you want to specifically search, you can create a workflow to search for that file type and then reveal it in Finder (opening the enclosing folder).


To do this:

- Create a blank workflow, add a File Filter input and a "Reveal File in Finder" action.

- Once you've connected them together, double-click the File Filter to add some details

- Give it a keyword, a name and optionally, an icon.

- Drag one of your .famous files into the File Types box.

- If you want to specify a search scope, go to the Search Scope tab and drag in the appropriate folders within which you want Alfred to search.


When you next type your keyword, you'll be starting a filtered search for only the .famous files, and pressing return will reveal them in Finder :)


Let me know if you have any issues creating your workflow and we'll be happy to help.




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