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Workflow to selectively quit several apps at once

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Often I'll have to open three or four apps to work on something, and then once I'm done with that task I want to quit just the apps I don't need any more. I can use the quit function to quit them all individually, but this is pretty tedious and time consuming when I have a lot of other apps in use. It would be awesome if I were able to select the ones I want to quit and then execute quit on just them, similar to the option+up buffer feature for files. I'm looking for a workflow that is able to do this.

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Here is an AppleScript that polls System Events for all running apps and pops up a list for you to choose which apps to quit:

tell application "System Events"
set processList to ¬
  (name of every process where background only is false) & ¬
  (name of every process whose ¬
   (name is "AppName") or ¬
   (name is "AnotherAppName"))
tell me to set selectedProcesses to choose from list processList with prompt "Select process(es) to quit:" with multiple selections allowed
end tell
if the result is not false then
repeat with processName in selectedProcesses
  tell application processName to quit
end repeat
end if

You can select multiple apps to quit by using the ⌘ or ⇧ keys as well.


Just make a new workflow and pipe a hotley or keyword into the script above.


Original found HERE

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That's very close to the built-in "Force quit" feature in OS X. 


Well, technically, yes ... but I find ⌘+⌥+⎋ to be a bit of a pain to force quit.

Also, the above script just quits the apps, not force quit.

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