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Sonos Playback Control & Search

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I was hoping to find a playback controller for the Sonos desktop app but only found Jeff Johns's "Sonos Sound Controls" workflow, which unfortunately only offered volume control hotkeys.


I tend to do a lot of playback control using keywords, so I set some up for Alfred. I'm an AppleScript noob, and Sonos doesn't really support AppleScript, so this was kind of a pain, and pretty hacky. There were some useful posts from 2008, but otherwise, I was kind of stabbing in the dark.


Download here.


There's support for the following commands using the 'sonos' keyword: searchplay/pause, next track, previous track, volume up/down, and mute.




Feedback and suggestions welcomed.

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Hi Chris,


Thank you so much for this workflow.  Obviously love Alfred and just got my SONOS system installed and in the process of developing a complex HA system with as much automation and having ease of use is critical during iterations.


Seems to be working so far and will gladly provide feedback as I go.  


Thank you very much and all my very best,


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