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Scripts which save open Safari and/or Chrome Tabs to plain text files. 2 methods/scripts (applescript & ruby) for each browser. AS work as is...

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2 part post with the disclaimer that I can't code and only converted the already working scripts in v1 to work with v2.
 - Basic features "missing" in the working Applescript implementations include (although I am sure easily fixed by those who understand basic applescript):
1) Here are two scripts/v1 extensions I found on veritrope.com that when executed grab all tabs of the frontmost Safari or Chrome window -> prompt you for filename and directory to save to. I have converted them to v2 workflows but all credit goes to original developers.
  - 1) No way to make the scripts prepend the date to the filename 
  - 2) No way to avoid Finder prompt for filename and save location. Fixed location set in script with notification that tabs were saved successfully or not would be great.
         - It would be nice if the workflow behaved with a file prompt, as it is now, asking for name and location holding a modifier and no file prompt without modifier.
Info is organized well and here is an example of what it looks like:
URL List from Safari Tabs | Monday, February 11, 2013 12:56:31 PM

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Link to v2 workflow converted from v1 alfred extension and script - works in v2 with no mods except I have to call via osascript, not AS directly:
Code for Safari Version on the web and v1 extension:
Code for Chrome Version which also has v1 alfredextension already made: 
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Markdown tab links to file:
These two scripts need to be implemented in Alfred. They work by themselves but since I can't code or anything of the sort can't figure out how to implement them with Alfred:
I grabbed these from bretterpstra.com's Markdown Service Tools pack so all credit to him for the scripts. They are written in ruby and seem to work as system services but I was hoping that maybe someone here who could code and had an interest in such a modification could use these scripts and make a workflow out of them. 
The scripts do all the hard parts of grabbing the tab info and pasting that info as markdown reference links. I was just thinking that it would be useful to be able to call the scripts from a hotkey or keyword and have a list automatically 
Code pasted from the .rb files:
Actual .rb files zipped up:
The ruby scripts work like I said but I don't have the skill to make them work with Alfred.
Grab the original services and info about them from which I extracted scripts above here:
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