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SoundCloud Control for Chrome - Play/Prev/Next, Display current track in notification, Search

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ZU8bbqls.jpg  SoundCloud Control for Chrome




Inspired (err, mostly stolen) by Google Play Control for Chrome.

It can change playback, display the current playing song in a notification, and search through soundcloud, all from alfred.



  • scp 
    SoundCloud  - Play/Pause
  • sc prev
    SoundCloud - Previous Song
  • sc next
    SoundCloud - Next Song
  • sc np
    SoundCloud - Show what's playing now
  • sc search
    Search SoundCloud

Alternative version

Currently it has the same bug as GPC which is that you can't have more than 1 tab of the website opened.

I prefer this myself because the whole point of why I made this is so I don't have to switch back to the SC tab again.

However, if you'd prefer it to only have it search through the first active tab of each window rather than each tab of each window, then I made a alternative version for you.



Normal version (searches through all tabs of all windows)

Alternative version (searches through all active tabs of all windows)

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I have Soundcloud running inside a Fluid App. (https://fluidapp.com/)


How would I tweak it so search through those windows?


(Also, how can I debug this myself to rework it in the future, i.e. see if the application and window commands are working... where the issue is.)


This doesn't work:


on alfred_script(q)
    tell application "Soundcloud"
        tell window 1
            tell active tab
                execute javascript ("document.querySelector('.playControl').click();")
            end tell
        end tell

   end tell
end alfred_script

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