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My first workflow. A WiFi scanner, selector, and connector workflow. This is a simple workflow to allow you to quickly pick a WiFi network to connect to. Lots of people have asked for this amidst the dozens of wifi togglers but surprisingly this is the first one to be written.

Based on:

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Hey man, this is great. It's been expected for a long long time ! First things first: could you package it as a .alfredworkflow file to distribute it? You can just right click on the workflow in the workflow list of alfred preferences, and click "export".

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Here's the workflow file. thanks for the tip.




a couple of fixes still to do - the author of the Wi-Fi scanner code updated it for Yosemite so will be rewriting to take advantage of that, especially to show different icons for open/closed networks, and need to fix an issue with duplicate SSIDs that are being broadcast by more than one physical access point in range


but mostly, it sorta works in not too complex environments.

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