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Conversion and calculation improvements

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Typing these three commands in both Alfred 2 and Spotlight, I found how wonderfully Spotlight can give me the function exactly I need right out of the box (actually free):

1) 100 ntd to cny

Explanation: ntd is for new taiwan dollar, and cny is for chinese yuan. This sentence is about natural language in currency conversion. We may also try "100 euro to usd", etc.

2) 10*20^2 m^2 to inch^2

Explanation: Calculation, natural lanugage and conversion. No way Alfred can do it so easily like Spotlight.

3) sin(30) - cos(60)

Expanation: Math calculation.


Any one who has the Yosemite may try these three commands to see how wonderfully Apple has improved Spotlight. Really hope Alfred can catch up ASAP.

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