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Could someone make some Evernote workflows?

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I've updated my Alfred 1 Search Evernote extension to a workflow.


The new workflow allows  to you specify whether to open the search in a new or existing Evernote window (using SHIFT as a modifier).  It also displays a notification when it's done (what was searched for) and puts the Evernote search to the front (and raises it from being minimised if required).


It also includes a new feature to add a selected file into Evernote as a new note with an attachment. You can add to the default notebook or a notebook of your choice (currently needs you to manually change the AppleScript) and you can make it a copy or a move of the file (move puts the file in the trash).  Again a notification is displayed -> what type of action was carried out on what file.


Details of how to use it, where to download it, etc. are on the following blog post.


I also list a few ways I already plan to extend 'Evernote Search+' but if you have any further ideas please leave me a comment on the blog post.



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Hey guys, 


so I'm not trying to steal anybody's thunder here so let me start by saying that Ryan Paul and Stephen Millard did all the work here.


I just compiled the whole thing in one workflow with which you can create a new note, add content to a previous one, search a note by title in alfred, and search a note's content in evernote. Just take a look at the workflow to see what it does and what modifier keys to use.




What what is cool with this is how to append text to a note:

- type the keyword "evernote"

- start typing the name of a note and then <tab> to autocomplete

- type the content you want to add starting with ":"

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I've tried your evernote workflow.


After I create a new note, it doesn't show up in evernote. I see the notification but when I check evernote, it's not there.


Wonder if I'm doing something wrong. Your iTunes workflow works perfectly, so I think I've installed correctly.


Thanks for the great work.

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If you want to create a new note, you have to type something like

ever title:content

if a note called "title" already exists, it'll append "content" to this note


if you only type

ever content 

it will add "content" to a note called Inbox


finally, a double space in "content" is equivalent a new line.


PS: I'm doing that from memory as I don't really use this workflow. Tell me if this works and if not or if my instructions are incorrect I'll look into it more precisely.

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Thanks, I followed the syntax (even tried putting text in parentheses) but it still didn't work.  I see the dialogue window saying "done" but no note shows up. Evernote has a keyboard shortcut for new notes now (control+command+n) so I'll just use that.


I love the iTunes worklow though.  Thanks.

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