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Parse Omnifocus Tasks

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Here's a quick workflow that uses Omnifocus' built-in parsing syntax (the kind that is used for Omnifocus Mail Rules: @ for context, > for project, # for start or end time). You can edit the applescript to add whatever context or project specific stuff you want. Hope this is useful!






From bnmnetp's suggestion, I added Subtext that summarizes the syntax. I also added two others for oft-used contexts (Waiting and Assignments), but you can delete or edit those at will. 




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Great stuff,  In my copy I added the following text to Subtext just to remind me of the syntax:


@ context  # date > or :: project $ estimate  ! flag 


I just serves as a nice reminder, especially for those who are new to the syntax.

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I have nested contexts (e.g. Technology : Online) and find the script doesn’t handle these. I also tried > and :: with a Project name, but was unable to see my tests in the named project. Am I misunderstanding the syntax?



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This is great. Does anyone know how to modify this to add the option to add a specific file to a specific project?

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