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Easy? Adding typed text to the end of a URL

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Hey guys,


I was wondering how I might be able to set up a workflow so that the text I type is automatically added to the end of a URL?


e.g. the fixed part of the URL is http://mycompany.com


If I type '1234' in the Alfred search bar, I would get http://mycompany.com/1234/


This would save me so much time!


Thanks so much for your help



Hi Marvin,


Even simpler than a workflow, you can create a custom search for this :) Launch Alfred's prefs to Features > Web Search and add a Custom Search from the bottom right.


Add your URL as http://mycompany.com/{query}then set a keyword (e.g. "mc") and title.


You'll then be able to type mc 1234 to launch http://mycompany.com/1234


Let me know if you need any further help creating your custom search!




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