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1 hour ago, Xage said:

After selecting the account I want, i get the "temporary disabled" screen.


If the application isn't verified, Google drastically limits the number of people who can sign up, so it's likely the workflow is over its limit.


Realistically, your best bet is to get your own client ID from Google and edit the workflow to use that instead of its own.

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12 minutes ago, deanishe said:


Read the thread.

 Yeah, done that before. if it's only about creating api client id and secret on google, and editing few lines in the code. It's worth a shot.

Thanks for guiding me to read again ;)

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1 minute ago, fuorviatos said:

if it's only about creating api client id and secret on google, and editing few lines in the code.


That's the only way you'll get it working anytime soon, by the looks of things.

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