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Recent Items 4.2 for Alfred 3: Docs, Folders, Apps + Custom Categories + Favorites + Interaction with Open/Save Dialogs and more...

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This is a longtime favorite workflow for me. I just noticed that favorite files are removed from the favorite list if they are moved to another folder using the Finder (I'm on macOS 10.12.6 and using Alfred version 3.5). Is this expected behavior? I realize that it may be difficult to keep track of files if they are moved, but maybe it's worth mentioning in the workflow description that favorites may be lost due to being moved. Or if there is an easy fix it would be great if the workflow would keep track on them even when moved.

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4 hours ago, cands said:

Or if there is an easy fix it would be great if the workflow would keep track on them even when moved.


You can track files even when they're moved by using file reference URLs (that's how Mac apps notice when you move/rename files).


I don't know if they're compatible with recent files and/or this workflow, though.

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I've been using Recent Items pretty frequently over the past year or so, but suddenly Favorites have stopped loading for me. This is where it gets stuck:




If anyone knows of alternatives for pulling up favorite file/folder paths or knows how to fix this, let me know!

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@jkau Posting a screenshot of Alfred when reporting a problem is roughly equivalent to sending your mechanic a photo of your engine and asking why your car won’t start.


Please read and follow the stickied post on reporting errors. Help the workflow author to help you. 



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Sorry to be thick, but the only download links I can find for this workflow are broken. Can someone please point in the right direction? Thanks.

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On 6/19/2016 at 6:06 AM, Carlos-Sz said:

Recent Items for Alfred 3


Download now

Would you be so kind as to upload it again? Thanks a lot.


EDIT: No need. I found the link that works above. Thanks.

Edited by Egnubo
Found a link that works.

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I just want to offer a quick solution for anyone who happens to share my particular situation and is having trouble with this workflow. This only applies to you if you did a fresh install of Alfred 4 (the app, we aren't talking about your license) rather than an upgrade from Alfred 3. 


I got a new mac and used it as a chance to do a fresh install of Alfred 4, which keeps workflows in a different directory than before, breaking several workflows that used to work just fine.


Alfred 3 files:

~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3

Alfred 4 files:

~/Library/Application Support/Alfred


ℹ️NOTE: If your computer already has the Alfred 3 directory, this solution is NOT for you.



This workflow (and probably others like it) is using a hard coded path to the Alfred 3 directory and failing because it doesn't exist. 


Fortunately the solution is quite simple. Open terminal and type the following command, AFTER you replace both instances of `USERNAME` with the name of your home directory.  Only use absolute paths for creating a symlink. 


ln -s "/Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Alfred" "/Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3"

* Never trust code you get from strangers on the internet. Know your system. Know the command you're using. Don't use it if you aren't sure.



Press [Enter] after you enter the command in terminal. If it looks like nothing happened in terminal, you did it right. Yay!  If you see a message, it's probably an error message, and ... you're on your own. 


Hopefully this helps someone else.


@Carlos-Sz - Thanks for the great workflow. It's easily one of my most used. 



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I know I'm 6 years late to the party, but does this still work in Alfred 4? I tried to import this workflow and can't seem to figure it out/get it to work. I'm an Alfred noob so unfortunately I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if it's just not supposed to work in this version of Alfred. Thanks!

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