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Calendar Workflow

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Displays a monthly calendar. 





  • cal [month [year]] [<] [>]

    • enter ↵ Open Supported Calendar Software with week view on selected week.
    • <, > Display calendar of previous/next month.
    • [month [year]] Display calendar with specific month and year. month can be numbers or English words.
  • calconfig More configuration options.

Supported Calendar Software
  • BusyCal
  • Fantastical 2
  • Google Calendar
  • OS X Calendar










Version 1.3.1

1. Support Google Calendar


Version 1.3;

1. Support BusyCal and Fantastical 2.
2. Optimize write operation to config file.
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OK fix it, somehow this file was empty. I delete it and create it again.

~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Workflow Data/zmin.calendar/settings.js


@lidow Can you tell me the version of your workflow? You can find it under workflow directory. And please tell me if you saw this issue again. 

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I've seen this a couple of times. I'm beginning to think we introduced a bug with the atomic write in AW. Or we didn't solve the problem of workflow's being killed by Alfred.


In a versioned workflow like this one, AW should always write the version to settings.json after the workflow completes ("__last_run_version").

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My machine has SSDs and it has happened to me…


I'm thinking AW should probably keep backups of settings.json. Say, the last 10 versions (it's not a large file). This could be  a very hard problem to track down.


Perhaps checking that the new file isn't empty would be a good idea.

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Works like a charm. Marvellous.


FWIW, I've changed the keyword to ".cal" because "cal" shows a bunch of other stuff, too.


Also, any chance you'll turn on AW auto updates? I was ever so slightly disappointed that "cal workflow:update" didn't work, and I had to actually click on a link like a plebian ;)


I mean, you're already using GH releases and semantic versions…

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