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Alfred with mounted folder SSHFS Problem

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Hello there,


I try to use Alfred to search files in a shared mounted folder with SSHFS (using MacFusion) and it doesn't work, I can only see the folder I precised in the preferences but there is no lookup file done in that folder. However, this works fine with AFP.

Does Alfred supports SSHFS ? Or maybe it doesn't work because SSH encrypt the data and so Alfred can't see anything..


I would appreciate any help :)



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To confirm your suspicions, OS X only indexes AFP-mounted remote volumes.
As a result, Alfred (and Spotlight) will only show results from remote volumes that are mounted via AFP. Volumes mounted via SMB, SSHFS etc. won't be indexed.
If you absolutely have to search a non-AFP remote volume, you'll probably have to create a workflow based on locate or a similar tool.

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