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Add Task To Asana

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Created a simple workflow that allows you to quickly add a task to an Asana workspace or project. I just tweaked their Hello World sample from their API documentation so nothing fancy. It does require some setup to get your API Key and figure out your workspace and project ID that you want to add tasks too. I'll try to add those features as time permits. I'll also add it to Github so you can track updates easier.


In the meantime, if you want to try it out: http://d.pr/f/SLhF.


Feel free to provide feedback.

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Asana's API is so robust, I'm really surprised there isn't a swarm of people trying to make an awesome Asana workflow that makes it easy to select workgroup/project to add tasks interactively. This one doesn't really give the functionality I'm looking for, but it's still educational for me to look at these and try to figure out how the scripts are working. Thanks!

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Hey everybody,


Help!  I can't seem to get this working at all.  I've entered all my info, but nothing happens when I run it.


DYING to have a quick entry tool for Asana.  (Should also say that I'm a coding idiot.)


Any help would be most appreciated.

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