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Hey, I decided to make my first workflow to test if it can be done in NodeJS. Apparently it can and besides the bigger than usual file size it's nice and easy.





Simple Alfred workflow displaying current (today's or +/-1 day) TV shows.

Download the workflow file from and import it to Alfred (usually just double-click it).
It's a bigger file than I'd like since it contains all the necessary NodeJS modules.
There are two keywords:
You can also use it to display yesterday's or tomorrow's shows: `tv yesterday` / `tv tomorrow`
You can use an optional argument to filter down the list (e.g. `tvl doctor`)
Current version: 0.9.2
Known issues:
  • caching doesn't work



v0.9.2 (2015-09-01)

  • fixed displaying shows from previous/next month
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That's pretty handy.


One observation: the caching doesn't do anything. Because Alfred starts a new workflow process every time, the in-memory cache will be gone. If you cached the feeds to disk, the workflow would run a lot faster and wouldn't hammer the servers so much.

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I'm a huge fan of PogDesign's TV Calendar so this service is great! A few feature requests..

  1. Can the tv/tvl commands also have an optional configuration to feature data based on your personal filter? This might require either adding one's credentials in or your cookie details into the source (unless you could do so in the UI as setup. Either would be fine.
  2. Can you add another shortcut ("cat open", "tvcal open" or something else) that would open http://www.pogdesign.co.uk/cat/in your default browser. Of course, I could add a separate workflow for this but I think it's a good feature to have in this workflow.
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