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iTerm no longer a Terminal Application


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Both iMac and Macbook have this, must have been a recent update (after which Alfred did not work I had to manually restart it)...


Previously I chose iTerm to run terminal commands when I used the prefix >


But iTerm is no longer in the applications list. The Custom command used for Terminal which its now using does not work for iTerm when I change "Terminal" to "iTerm"


So I cant get iTerm to be the default terminal application following the recent update



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Are we overcomplicating things? It worked fine for me before, but now I have to get involved in custom scripts.


This decision was made as iTerm's AppleScript was evolving over time (and there are now two different versions with two different integrations). By separating it, a working integration (without quirks such as the double open tab) can be released without Alfred's core being updated too.




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I just want the old behavior back since it worked great for me.  I ended up with this script:

on alfred_script(q)
	tell application ":Applications:MacPorts:iTerm2.app"
		tell the first terminal
			set mysession to (launch session "Default Session")
			tell mysession to write text q
		end tell
	end tell
end alfred_script

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