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Delete file with keyword "Delete <filename>"

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It will be great if we could delete a file by simply saying "delete <filename>". I searched everywhere but there is no such workflow in alfred, launchbar or quicksilver.

I know there is an operations menu which we can access by option+command+\ but thats a cumbersome process. as a CLI fan i like typing a command and be done with it. 


"delete <filename>" can suggest multiple files if they start with same name. then with up/down arrow key we can select the file. this will fill the text box with the filename which we intend to delete like "delete text.Docx" . simply press enter and move it to trash.




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With regard to files, Alfred's standard mode of operation is to first find the file (or files), and then select the action.


This has the distinct advantage of working with all File Filters and workflows, making it much faster to find the file you're after.


To these ends, it's trivial to create a workflow with a "Delete" or "Trash" File Action.


You can then hit right arrow (the default key) on any Alfred result of type "file", to perform your Delete/Trash action.

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