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iSkysoft YouTube MP3 download and Audacity Transposition

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Hi all,


First post, longtime amateur Alfred user.


I want to create two specific related workflows with a rudimentary knowledge of code. Can anyone point me in the right direction?




Here is workflow #1:


Search YouTube for {query} -> copy first URL in YouTube search results (or select from Alfred list of results) -> paste into iSkysoft and begin download of MP3 via iSkysoft


Here is workflow #2:


Take selected or searched MP3 on HD and transpose it up or down the desired amount of semitones in Audacity via {query}


Do these make sense? Are they even possible?


Thank you!



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When you want to do something (with a workflow or otherwise), it's important to break it down into the specific steps you need, i.e. into smaller problems.
Then you figure out whether each of these problems is solvable. When doing so, it's really important to concentrate on the "what" you want to achieve, and not fixate on the "how" (to avoid falling victim to the XY Problem).
For example, it's trivially easy to download a YouTube video as an MP3 by passing the URL to youtube-dl, which you can install via Homebrew. There is no need whatsoever for iSkysoft (whatever that is).
It's also very easy to grab a URL from the clipboard. To these ends, you could have a look at Vítor's DownVid workflow. That would be easy to adapt to download an MP3 instead (it uses youtube-dl, so you'd just need to add the appropriate command-line argument to the youtube-dl call to get an MP3 instead of a video). Or you could just write your own script to call youtube-dl with the appropriate options. It'd literally be one line of code.
Regarding your second workflow, the first part is trivially done via a File Action (which calls a workflow action on the selected file). I have no idea whether Audacity can be scripted, but once again, that's not really the question. You need to know if any software can be scripted to transpose an audio file.

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