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Directory env variables not populated, Run script output not accepted as input

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Hi. I'm making my first workflow (Alfred 2.7.2), but I've encountered a couple snags.


First, I'm trying to create a file to save data at the recommended location, but it seems like the alfred_workflow_data and alfred_workflow_cache environment variables are empty. For example, from within a Run Script action, if I do

echo $alfred_workflow_data

and then pipe the action to a notification, the {query} contents are blank. Other environment variables (version, workflow name, etc.) show up fine.


Also, I was hoping to pipe the output of a Run Script action into a Default Web Search action, but the UI only seems to allow "triggers" and "inputs" to feed into actions. Why is this? The distinction between these categories doesn't seem to be documented anywhere.



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It's possible that you haven't filled in the bundle id for the workflow (in the same place as where you set the name for the workflow), as this is used when formulating the data and cache folders.


Also, the current workflow progression of triggers->inputs->actions->outputs was really there for simplicity when v2 was released. This will almost certainly change in the future. For now, just run the output of your action into an output 'run script' and instead of a default web search action, open the url with {query} from bash.




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