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Script runner - add scripts to list and run them.

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I noticed that I repeatedly write some script, wire it with some keyword or hotkey in Alfred and then forget what it was.


So I created quick workflow that allows you to add scripts to list with **add script** file action and then display and run them with **./** keyword. First word of query is used to filter scripts, you can pass command line arguments after space.




At the moment workflow supports python, perl, osascritpt and ruby but new languages can be easily added by adding extension and name of interpreter to extension_interpreter dictionary in scriptsrunner.py.   




I really should stop doing those workflows...

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That's nice.

I used to store all scripts in the scripts folder (to be avaiable in the script menu Bar).

Is there a way the workflow directly search and list in this folder instead of having to add script manually?



Simple alfreds file search won't work because it wouldn't be possible to pass arguments to scripts.

I opted for adding individual scripts manually as more flexible way, I don't need to add whole

folders of them but maybe I'll implement it when I'll have some free time.

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