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General User Help for Workflows

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So, I'm sure that many users are going to go crazy installing any workflow that looks vaguely intriguing, and they're going to forget so many of the key words that they need to launch the workflows.


Is there any way that we could get a command, like "help," that would show a list of the commands associated with the workflows? I realize that doing so might have to change a bit of the workflow infrastructure in that, perhaps, the keyword dialog might need to include a sort of "help" line. And arguments might need to be listed as well.


I think I could do this with a workflow by creating something that would move through the workflow folders to parse the plist files, find which ones are enabled, and list the keywords maybe with the arguments, but it seems that this functionality should be in core, if possible.



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There is no way of actually determining WHAT the arguments would be for each workflow. The only thing you would be able to tell from the plist is the fact that is accepts an argument. The developers also make it so that a single passed string is parsed into several arguments sometimes, so, that would make it even more difficult.


The best solution for seeing information about the workflow would be for developer of what workflow to fill in the help tab with useful information and for you to read that, but that is dependent upon the developer doing it, AND, upon the developing providing the detailed information that you are looking for

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