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Boxcryptor support

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I would like to request support for Boxcryptor.


Boxcryptor does two things. It encrypts your cloud storage and gives you easy unencrypted local access by mounting a drive that shows you the unencrypted contents of your cloud storage. I added this drive to Alfred's index, but Alfred seems to ignore it. Alfred only returns results from the encrypted folders. Now when I search for files and folders using Alfred, most of my results are useless because it doesn't return the file I can use but it does return the file I can't use.

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Alfred uses the Spotlight metadata database for its searches.
Enabling Spotlight support on BoxCryptor volumes should also make the files visible to Alfred. You may still have to add the volume to Alfred's search scope, depending on where you want the results to show up. You should also add the encrypted folders to the list in Spotlight's Privacy tab, so the encrypted files don't show up in your results.

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