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Cheap-Flight workflow questions

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The workflow should work like this: keyword + departure city + arrival city + date of departure + date of arrivel + enter opens specified search-engines and searches these.



"fly denver oslo 19.03.16 26.03.16"  (+ equals spacebar)


My guess is that the first two should be possible, but the dates may be hard to implement. 


The workflow now only opens five different search-engines for travel. It would be awesome to get some more automation going. I find myself spending quite a bit of time searching for cheap flights before traveling. Since the different search-engines gives different prices although they all claim to be cheapest, I'd like to be able to do these searches in one command instead of 50. 


Any tips? Or do some workflows for this already exist? I'll upload the workflow in the workflow-section, as I cant seem to find a place to attach it here (isn't it possible? I'm a newbie). 

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