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Alfred not revealing in Finder after disabling PathFinder

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I've been using PathFinder for a while, but just decided to stop using it in favor of the standard Finder + xtraFinder. PathFinder set's itself a the default Finder app so that other apps can reveal files in PathFinder, among other things.

I disabled this feature before removing PathFinder, but now Alfred can't reveal in Finder while all other apps do just fine. If I return the PathFinder app to it's place, then Alfred _can_ reveal, but in PathFinder, while all other apps still reveal in Finder. Only if I turn the "set a default finder" feature back on everybody reveals in PathFinder.


Any hint or help is appreciated!


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for the record, I completely deleted Alfred, removed all associated files,  re launched the app from scratch, powerpack, sync, and now everything works fine :)


Alfred simply instructs OS X to launch using its default Finder application, so if you restarted your Mac in the process or logged out of your user account, that'll be sufficient (usually) for OS X to pick up on the fact that you've changed your default Finder app :)


Glad you're all sorted before I could even reply though :)

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I had restarted the mac actually, but kept trying to open PathFinder even though other apps did not. What puzzled me is that other apps that evidently use the same "open default finder" logic responded to the finder change immediately.

I assumed it was something cached within Alfred files, that's why I tried the cleanup and reinstall. 

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