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Workflow to insert contact / vcard address to Pages.app placeholder

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since Apple has removed the Pages.app function to fill out placeholders by drag'n'drop a contact-card from Address-Book.app, I wonder if anyone has created a workflow to substitute this kind of function. I will try to describe the workflow by giving it the name "Contact to Pages" Workflow


1. Setup placeholders in Pages e.g. "city":

- in Pages select a word and go to Menu -> Format -> Advanced -> Define as placeholder text

- now switch to the right panel ->  More and remane the Script Tag "None" to "city"

2. Fire "Contact to Pages" workflow in Alfred which will prompt another entry to search for a contact

3. After finding the contact hit "Return" and the contact data will be filled into the placeholders fields which contain the appropriate placeholders.

- in this case only the "city" of that contact will be filled


Do you get the idea? I think especially for people who need to write letters a lot using Pages.app, this would save a lot of time.


(sorry for my bad english, I'm from Germany)


I searched the forum and other resources but didn't find a workflow like this. My programming skills are not existing unfortunatly.


Have a perfect week,


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