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Support native Yosemite/El Capitan currency conversion


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One feature that I miss a lot when switching from spotlight to Alfred is the native spotlight currency conversion introduced in Yosemite/El Capitan (not sure which). Right now I'm using a workflow called "conv", it works, but it's not as natural or as efficient as the spotlight's one. Using conv I need to now the exact currency names like "USD" or "BRL" so that I can do "conv 1000 usd brl", while on spotlight I can simply do "1000 dollars in real".

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I also would really like this feature of spotlight and use it often. In addition to what @kaumac mentioned, the nicer aspect of Spotlight is that you don't need to type the destination currency for most common ones. For example you just enter 100USD, and you get the equivalent of that amount in Euros, British Pound Sterlings, Canadian Dollars, Swiss Francs, Japanese Yens, etc.. Or you just type in 50GBP and you get the same. Really love and use this feature. Had to keep the spotlight's hotkey for now, although I would like to use cmd+space for Alfred because I'm very used to that hotkey.

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I assume you're talking about Convert.


It would be fairly easy to repurpose that workflow to behave the way you want (e.g. start showing common rates when only one currency is specified; search on currency name as well as 3-letter code).


It doesn't currently work that way because it knows nothing about any of the units apart from currencies. If you pulled the other units out, however, it'd be fairly simple to do.

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