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Python workflow first steps

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So I'm following this tutorial to make my first python workflow.

Right now I only want to type a keyword, invoke a python script, and get anything in the Alfred results.

So I have created my workflow, created an input script filter with /bin/bash code

python my_file.py

In my_file.py (which is in the workflow directory) I have this

# encoding: utf-8

import sys
from workflow import Workflow, ICON_WEB, web

def main(wf):
    wf.add_item(title = 'something')

(I have indented the code with spaces)

Then I write my keyword on Alfred but I get nothing, just the default search options.

Is there something very obvious I'm missing?

Edit: I forgot to say that I downloaded the latest workflow module from deanishe and copied it in my workflow folder too

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Hi pier, it looks like you've created your function but haven't actually called it as part of your script.


You may wish to add the below to the bottom of your script.

if __name__ == '__main__':
    wf = Workflow()
    log = wf.logger

Also, you might not know that Alfred has a debug tool which is really handy to check what is/isn't working in your code. If you click the debug icon in the top right corner of your Workflow, you get a neat popout which gives you the same thing you'd expect in Terminal or cmd. Let us know how you get on :)

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