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Safari Bookmark Manager

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# Safari Bookmark Manager


Alfred 2 Workflow to manage safari bookmark (delete / edit)


# Installation


You may need to install the gem (sorry...)

Right-click on the worflow, show in finder.

In Terminal, drag and drop the folder to `cd` to it.

`gem install CFPropertyList`


# Usage


find a bookmark, go to file action, select `Rename Bookmark` or `Delete Bookmark`


# How it's done?


A bit sloppyly...


Couldn't find a good doc to do it via iCloud directly. (and didn't really search for it).


Alfred App find bookmark by because of their cache version in the user folder: ~/Library/Caches/Metadata/Safari/Bookmarks


Each file is name with a unique id.


Editing / deleting this file is not enough, it's just a cache.. Bookmark will reappear or be re-edited by Safari.


Another file maintain a more permanent version of the bookmarks: ~/Library/Safari/Bookmarks.plist



  - find the bookmark uuid (the cache file name, passed by alfred)

  - find the matching entry in the plist and edit it / delete it (also add entry for iCloud -- see code)

  - repeat the action on the cache file



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