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So I totally just thought of this possible idea and I can't believe it didn't hit me sooner. 


Is there a way that the "Secure Erase" function can be called from Alfred, just like the "Empty Trash" option is?


The reason for this request is: 


  1. ​Obviously Apple got rid of the Easy way to "Secure Erase" stuff, which for me was always my way of deleting files that were still in use/stopping rogue programs from running.
  2. The only - and rather irksom way - of doing this is by going into your trash, diving, usually, 3 to 5 folders deep before finding those 2 or 3 or 4 files that refuse to delete normally, and then hitting:
    Command + Option + Delete

    Which gives you the:



Which is the only way to "Secure Erase" easily.


BUT, if you have a program like AppCleaner, there is not a way to "Secure Erase" while within that app. Therefore, having a "Secure Erase" option in Alfred - which is like, the only way I 100% of the time Empty my trash - at least, to me, makes sense. 


Thanks for listening to my rant, and hopefully someone finds this irksome too!

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The only - and rather irksom way - of doing this

Not at all. If you rm it with your Terminal, it also works. If the only thing you want is to be able to empty your trash always, even if the OS is telling you it can’t delete something, you simply need rm -rf "${HOME}/.Trash/"* which can be easily put into a workflow.

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