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Add some Arguments of "Hotkeys" actions in "Keyword" actions.


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I just want to be able to use "Selection in OS X" or "OS X clipboard content" arguments when I use a "Keyword" action.


It means that I would type a keyword and the selection in OS X or the clipboard content would be added as an argument. 


A modifier key would let me decide if I want to use the "selection in OS X" or the "clipboard content". 


In practice, I would type my keyword, hit the modifier key I assigned + Enter and Voila. Done. 



Why do I need this? Because I have already set A LOT of keyboard shortcuts and might not have keyboard shortcuts combinations available. 

Plus, sometimes, it is easier (but maybe not faster) to use a keyword rather than a keyboard shortcut action. 


Use cases: mainly searches (on websites and in search engines).


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