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Find not working for apps installed with homebrew-cask


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I've got a few applications installed with homebrew. Find isn't working for me when searching for these. I've read a couple of the posts about reindexing spotlight and stuff like that, but nothing has really helped? These apps DO show up when just typing their name into alfred (i've added their path to the default scope), but sometimes i'd like to use "find" to show them in my finder, as with other files/applications. The path they're on is "usr/local/caskroom/[specific application folder]". Any suggestions?



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Homebrew-cask maintainer, here. Though this is an Alfred-related matter, perhaps I can help with some context.

What you’re reporting is a bit weird, and I can’t reproduce it (i.e. it works fine when I try it). Could you please show a screenshot of what exactly is in your Search Scope? Alfred started adding us to the Search Scope by default in 2.6. Is that what you have in your setup? Since you mention you added the paths, I’m guessing you had Alfred installed before and haven’t done a clean install since.

In addition, does that happen only with homebrew-cask apps, or homebrew apps as well? I mean GUI apps that are installed via homebrew formulae to the Cellar, as opposed to homebrew-cask’s casks to the Caskroom. So macvim instead of macvim, or mpv instead of mpv.

Also, on another note, Andrew, if you read this, we have plans to stop putting apps in /opt and linking them, and instead just move them to /Applications directly, to more closely mimic what a user would do (more details on this issue). At that point, it’ll no longer make sense to add that directory to the Search Scope (it won’t be harmful, either). We don’t have a timeline for when that’ll be done (we’d like it to be soon, but are somewhat short on core maintainers), but I’ll try to remember to contact you or Vero directly about it, when it happens. Ironically, the fact that I spend so much time here and there makes it so I have everything working so tightly and well together, it’s the reason I might forget at first. But like I said, no harm if it isn’t done immediately.

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