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Feature Request: Rich Text in Snippets and Clipboard History


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I know people have requested image support in the clipboard history feature in Alfred. That would be great, but I would really like to see support for maintaining text formatting (rich text) in the snippets and clipboard history. As of now all text is converted into plain text in the history and snippets. It would great if formatting were not lost.

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Came here looking for a similar solution.  As a workaround:


1) Set your Alfred snippet up as markdown 

2) Install Markdown Here extension for Chrome - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/markdown-here/elifhakcjgalahccnjkneoccemfahfoa?hl=en

3) Paste your snippet, select it and hit 'Toggle Markdown'. 


It's an extra step, but at least it all happens inline. 

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I'd love to see Rich Text in the Clipboard History. Especially with a combination of "Paste as Rich Text" and "Paste as Plain Text" (default definable by the user in the Clipboard History settings.


Rich Text support for the Snippets is also something I'd be looking forward to. Personally much more rarely used.


The Rich text in Clipboard HIstory though ... it's huge. I always have to use a "Text Edit" file as my rich text clipboard history ?.


PS. I know that other clipboard histories support this, but I am very happy with just using one app (Alfred) to do most of these things. #NoExtraBackgroundProcesses

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Hello Alfred Team, I am giving this a bump because there has been no movement. It's been great to see the new development on Alfred 4 and updated UI but maybe these features are a idea to think about?


I do like that the Snippets now support rich text as a type, so that's a great step. Now the clipboard history could pull up to that 💪.


Thank you ❤

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