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google url shortener

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I was trying to turn Mike Walker's url shortener extension into an Alfred 2 Workflow but failed. Anyone else know how to do this? Here is the link to the extension: http://incredimike.com/projects/alfred-gurl/


You would do it like this:




And the script would look like this:



# longURL supplied by user
$longUrl = "{query}";
# Use commandline curl because it's good at these sort of things
$resp = `curl --silent https://www.googleapis.com/urlshortener/v1/url -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"longUrl": "$longUrl"}'`;
# Use JSON extension added in PHP 5.2
$json = json_decode( $resp );
# Echo out the URL.
echo $json->id;

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Hi, thanks! I recreated this but unfortunately, I don't get the shortened url, just the url I started out with. Would you be so kind as to provide your workflow so I can see what I did wrong?

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Thanks macbookandrew and of course Mike for the initial shortener (even though there was already one ;))


Thanks of course Andrew and Vero too.


There are many reasons to love Alfred and this is just one example - the first url shortener I used stopped working, quick Google and got Mikes version (much quicker than diagnosing/testing etc.). Then v2 Alfred comes round, url shortener and snippets gone! I upgraded early. Very short time later import doodads sorted out. Done that, then quick hunt and shortener found (here).


No wonder Alfred receives so much love. Deservedly so.



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